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Welcome Dott Systems

Dott Systems introduces a range of remote control switches for lights and fans to make your life easy and comfortable. Besides being user friendly and stylish, these switches help in saving energy.
We are here with the latest technology of remote control switches that will make operating of lights and fans hassle-free.

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Curo Series

1 light + 1 fan

Combo Series

2 lights + 2 fans

Cube Series

Upto 12 lights + 2 fans

Diaze Series

1 light + 1 fan

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You can contact us any way that is convenient for you. We are available 24/7 via fax or email. You can also use a quick contact form below or visit us personally. We would be happy to answer your questions.


I must have ordered atleast this product 7-8 times for own use at different locations and for gifting to seniors. It never failed to impress and safty to users. Simple function and good looking.Thease fit in any anchor roma type faceplate. They also have screw type version. Great product.


Very good Product, Long lasting. Remote has survived lots of falls. Switch is also robust. the good part is that light and fan be operated at without the remote also directly via switch.

Khushaldeep Singh Gill

Easy to install. my electrician did it in 10 min. Works well. The build of the remote is light and unique. so far , So good! Recommended

Soumyatanu Majumdar