This Remote Switch for light and fan carries a replacement warranty for a period of one year (12 months) from the date of purchase by the user against defects in material and workmanship.


The Digital Wireless Infrared Switches are very economically priced making them affordable to all. Since there is no need for 2 way wiring, there is tremendous saving in two way wiring cost.


This Automation Switch enables you to put off lights, fan etc with the remote when not needed thereby reducing electricity bill. This also enables optimisation of lights and fans as per your immediate requirement.


The USP of our Office and Home Automation Switches is the ease of use. It is very user friendly and can be easily operated as well as installed. These switches can be operated through remote control as well as from main switch board.


There is no need to change existing wiring leading to breakage free installation. Since Remote Control Switches are in modular concept these can be placed in different positions in a room all of which can be controlled by single operation manual remote.


These Modular and Non-Modular Remote Switches are great space savers. If there is limitation of space then these Automation Switches are ideal. In 1M unit, you can operate 1 light and 1 fan., In 2M 3 lights and 1 fan. In 6M you can have 6 lights and 1 fan with regulator.